Las Vegas. Few cities in the world embody the modern Cainite quite so well. It will welcome you in, make sure you end up owing more than you own, then drain you dry and make you thank it for the privilege.   

    By all accounts, Vegas is a city that shouldn't exist. From humble beginnings as a small Mormon fort built around the only spring in an inhospitable desert, the city now has an annual tourist population of over 40 million people per year. That's 40 million drunk, sinful, delicious visitors stumbling around the strip, forgetting their nights and leaving with the oath that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."  It would be naive to think the Kindred were not responsible for the boom of this Oasis of victims. 

    By all accounts, this place is a paradise for blood-suckers like us. Well, it would be, anyway, if it weren't located between the headquarters of the Sabbat, a freehold for the Anarchs, and the ever encroaching influence of the Camarilla. Now there are rumors of Baali somewhere in town, werewolves all around the desert pissed that we ruined some holy ground, spirits of everyone who died here, and those damn Giovanni are having a domestic dispute for reasons they aren't exactly putting forward. Everyone here is on edge, constantly on the verge of an all-out Vampire war. Thankfully, we have the Baron. Or Prince. Whatever you want to call him. He may be unnerving to talk to, and no one really knows what he is capable of, but it would be quite the fool to doubt the power of a desiccated corpse and a shitty old puppet that somehow hold all these factions at bay. Maybe it's just an elaborate hoax, but I wouldn't want to be the one to test that theory.

    That's the basics of it. Hundreds of vampires come here looking for an unholy land, and a lot of them find their final death instead. There's so much room for a certain kind of Cainite to flourish, but don't get in over your head or you'll be the next pile of ash we dump in to Lake Mead.

   Good luck out there, Cainite. Sin City is about to lose a lot of blood.


Las Vegas By Night